PLM specialises in transport and logistics of project and abnormal loads.
PLM Project Logistics Management

Whether it is break bulk, earth moving equipment, containerised cargo, abnormal, super loads, or over-border cargo, PLM has the specialist skills to effectively manage a variety of transport services, which has earned us a reputation as a foremost transport services provider.

Stuffing and destuffing of containers

Included in the stuffing and destuffing of containers service that PLM provides we also offer temporary storage and reloading facilities.

We also provide any crating and/or lashing that may be required on both imports and exports.

PLM Project Logistics Management
PLM Project Logistics Management
Load supervision

The loading and off-loading of shipments is strictly supervised by PLM’s experienced staff to ensure that the cargo is handled correctly and according to set instructions or load specifications. This includes loading directly from vessels.


Communication is a key service rendered by PLM as a means of ensuring that all parties involved are timeously updated on vehicle arrival times, as well as notified of any problems en-route.

PLM’s communication service includes:


  • Vehicle tracking – forwarded on a daily basis
  • Liaison with site personnel receiving cargo
  • Monitoring of shipments
  • Vehicle planning to meet vessel dates
PLM Project Logistics Management
PLM Project Logistics Management
Rigging and craning

PLM’s approved and qualified contractors provide rigging and cranage services of the highest order.

Route surveys

We undertake route surveys and site inspections to ensure safe transit and delivery of cargo.

PLM Project Logistics Management
PLM Project Logistics Management
Project cargo

Together with our joint venture partners, PLM is committed to providing logistic solutions for various projects for the duration of the given project. Our objective is always to complete a project on time and within budget. 

Risk management

We supervise all shipments, ensuring that any damages are noted, vehicles are correctly loaded and secured, and that all documentation is in order. 

PLM Project Logistics Management
PLM Project Logistics Management
Vehicle range/availability

The collective capacity and expertise of our own transport division and subcontractors enables us to transport a vast range of cargo, from 1 ton to 400 tons.